Thursday, March 18, 2010

What happens when you are in waiting rooms with two children for over 2 hours

As the previous post stated we have been going to the doctor this week for Carter. Yesterday we went to the pediatricians office and spent about 30minuites in the waiting room and then about another 20minuites in the room with the doctor. Then we drove about 2 seconds to have Carter's blood drawn and sat in that waiting room for about an hour. That waiting room was the worst because there is nothing for children and was packed full of people.

Nathan kept telling me that he was board and wanted to go home. I felt bad I don't think I was properly prepared. No snacks and only a few batman guys but not really anywhere to play with them. All in all he did pretty well in the waiting room but then we went back into this woman’s office where she was going to draw Carter's blood. She had a ton of stuffed animals all over her desk Nathan quickly pulled two of them off. Unfortunately there wasn't much I could do because I had to hold Carter. I did call him over to me and I asked him very nicely where you could say I was almost begging him to listen to sit nicely in the chair so that mommy could help Carter.

The woman had called another woman in to help hold him still. There were three adults working at keeping Carter still and no one watching that Nathan boy who was supposed to be stilling like an angel in the chair.

As we finished with Carter I looked over to see Nathan playing with a red stamp that he found on this woman’s desk. He quickly stamped all over her desk. There were about 25 red stamps on her desk. I apologized profusely. She laughed and said it was ok she stated she had a 2 year old at home and understood. Nonetheless I was still mortified I tried my best to clean it up with but there was still a red tint to the desk.

We quickly left but boy was I embarrassed but I think that all mothers with at least two children could state some story close to this, right. Mine aren't the only crazy ones I hope!!!

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