Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Carter is Sick again!!!

Boy this has been quite a winter as I know you all know!

Well he is eating amazing well! He is sleeping and is oh so wonderful!  I love him so much!

Last night he was so cranky!  Yes he is sick and that is expected but this wasn't normal!

I choose to go ahead and take him in.  I took him to phoenix children's urgent care.  They were great.   A little longer then the goodnight place that I took Nathan to but good.

Well the doctor informed us that he has an ear infection in both ears.  She also said that he may not sleep but he did pretty well considering.

The poor guy!  More antibiotics and all that comes along with that.  I am so nervous about the yeast infection it seems that with everything there is another thing to worry about! YUCK!!!!

Anyway we will all hope that he gets well soon and Nathan does not get this yucky cold!

Oh yeah the paper we got from the urgent care said that a healthy child will get about 6 colds a year I  think carter has already had 2 and we are only in the beginning of March well I guess that means there are 4 more until December.

Lets see if this is true!

No one wants to see pictures of sicky so here are some other pictures of the cutie!

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