Monday, March 29, 2010

My boy is growing up!

I have been scared to say anything but I think it has finally happened!

The day that I thought would never come has arrived.

I believe that Nathan is officially potty trained!
 I personally thought that this was a very tough experience. I hated it to be exact!

Never knowing when he was ready, why it wasn't working, what to do to help, what to say when it didn't work out. I guess I knew that he has been ready for a long time but how to get him to this point was hard to do.
 It took a few days of accidents and then all of a sudden he was asking to go to the bathroom. Telling us when he needed to go to the bathroom. It has been amazing! I am so proud of my little guy!

Yesterday I looked at him and asked him when he grew up. He replied "yesterday".

I then said "You must stop now! No more growing!"

Nathan said, "I can't do that I have to get bigger."

He is so smart but I feel so sad that one day he will not need me or my moles anymore!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My New Creation

So I made these amazing book pockets this week for Nathan.  He has been having a tough time picking out books to read at bedtime.  I saw these amazing homemade pockets on ohdeedoh:
Lets just say I have been dying to make them!  We love them!!!  Nathan thinks that they are great also.

A few more pictures

I am starting a pair for Shawn and Jackson!  I hope they love them as much as we do!

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Day at Home

Today we spent the day at home. I wanted to catch up on some cleaning and sometimes the best days are spent right here at home.
I discovered several things about my boys. I knew that Carter loves I mean loves to be outside it doesn't matter what is out there he loves it. This morning I thought that it would be a great idea to have them play with the sand and water table but I can say that it is great if Carter plays or if Nathan plays but the two together is no good! Carter loves to mix it all up the water goes into the sand and the sand into the water. All the toys are a mess and dirty. Fun for Carter. I discovered that as far as Carter is concerned it has to be messy to be fun.
Nathan on the other hand hates to mix the sand and water. He hates to have the toys messy. It was very frustrating for him he had sand in his shoes and sand on his hands, his shirt is wet, and all the toys. What to do. I tried to clean them off and let him keep some for him that didn't get dirty but Carter would not allow it!
Eventually I brought Nathan inside to paint on his own. No little brother to bother him or make a mess out of his things. It was a much better situation for all. Carter played outside for another half an hour until I caught him crawling under the table onto the rocks. He is so silly!

Nathan painting his beautiful dragon! Much happier inside.

The finished product!

In conclusion lessons learned about my children Carter loves being messy and dirty. Nathan doesn't want to have anything to do with being messy or dirty. He would like to stay clean and dry and no sand is allowed to touch him at all!!! (The beach should be fun this year!)
Now onto my husband (This part is for Pam)

He would be so embarrassed to know that I posted this so no one is allowed to tell!!
Nathan had to go potty this afternoon. I brought him into the downstairs bathroom and went to get Carter. Nathan began screaming mommy there is a bee in here. I went in and told him no it is just a fly go potty. Then I saw it and it was a bee. I tried to convince both Nathan and my self that it was ok and it wouldn't hurt us. Juts go potty already. I realized that there was no way that Nathan would go potty with that bee in there it was like he had stage fright. (Side note Carter loved the whole thing!) We shut the door and ran upstairs. Nathan went potty I changed Carter's poppy diaper and John arrived home. I told him what was trapped in the bathroom and that he needed to save us. The following pictures should explain the rest.

Here is my fearless husband going into the bathroom with a jacket to protect himself.

He got the bee out of the bathroom and into the kitchen.
What to do next? It is a good thing he has that jacket!

Now he has a shoe and a jacket! If only the bee would stop moving! 

He finally caught the bee between the window and the screen then put soap on the window and sprayed it with the hose. He saved us for the big scary bee. (While I joke I have to admit I didn't know where to start or what to do! I would have just sprayed lots of chemicals in the bathroom and hoped that it dropped dead eventually.)

I love you John!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What happens when you are in waiting rooms with two children for over 2 hours

As the previous post stated we have been going to the doctor this week for Carter. Yesterday we went to the pediatricians office and spent about 30minuites in the waiting room and then about another 20minuites in the room with the doctor. Then we drove about 2 seconds to have Carter's blood drawn and sat in that waiting room for about an hour. That waiting room was the worst because there is nothing for children and was packed full of people.

Nathan kept telling me that he was board and wanted to go home. I felt bad I don't think I was properly prepared. No snacks and only a few batman guys but not really anywhere to play with them. All in all he did pretty well in the waiting room but then we went back into this woman’s office where she was going to draw Carter's blood. She had a ton of stuffed animals all over her desk Nathan quickly pulled two of them off. Unfortunately there wasn't much I could do because I had to hold Carter. I did call him over to me and I asked him very nicely where you could say I was almost begging him to listen to sit nicely in the chair so that mommy could help Carter.

The woman had called another woman in to help hold him still. There were three adults working at keeping Carter still and no one watching that Nathan boy who was supposed to be stilling like an angel in the chair.

As we finished with Carter I looked over to see Nathan playing with a red stamp that he found on this woman’s desk. He quickly stamped all over her desk. There were about 25 red stamps on her desk. I apologized profusely. She laughed and said it was ok she stated she had a 2 year old at home and understood. Nonetheless I was still mortified I tried my best to clean it up with but there was still a red tint to the desk.

We quickly left but boy was I embarrassed but I think that all mothers with at least two children could state some story close to this, right. Mine aren't the only crazy ones I hope!!!

Update on Carter

So we have had some doctor appointments this week to see how everything is going with my sweet Carter.
We saw a GI Doctor who we were referred to by the feeding specialist to check to make sure that there was no medical reason for the constipation. The GI doctor didn't seem to think there was anything wrong and said that it was perfectly fine to leave Carter on Miralax for years. Which made me incredibly nervous but from what the pediatrician, the GI, and what I found on line all confirmed that it is fine. So I suppose that my baby may be getting miralax for a very long time.
(Gross Part Ahead)
The GI did a rectal exam and said that there was still hard poop and that we needed to clear all of that out. So we have given him quadruple the amount of miralax then what we were giving him before and we have now had about 8 poopy diapers in the last 30 hours. Some diapers were quite messy while others were not so much. The worst part is that I know it will continue throughout today.

Then going forward we need to double what we were giving him they want him to poop everyday if not twice a day. (I think once a day would be more then enough for me thank you!)
The GI also sent us to have some blood tests to check to be sure that everything else is ok. She didn't think that anything would turn up but I guess that this is just what they do. It is the reason I went also. As Anne stated I just have to be sure that Carter is the healthiest that he can be. What ever that is I have to be sure that he reaches that point!
The best news was that my Carter now weights 19lbs and 12ounces. He has moved up in percentiles he is now in the 5th. The doctor said that he hadn't really gained any weight since he was 6 months old. She was very happy to see that change and so were we!

I hope that this change will continue and that he will be the healthiest that he can be!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cloth Diapers

Here is the very adorable Carter tush in a cloth diaper. 

I have been wanting to post about my new found baby thing but I just wasn't sure how I wanted to do it. Now that I have been using them for about 2 months I know exactly why they seem so amazing to me.

I got into cloth diapers for the environment not because of chemicals but as I have researched it more I am happy that my baby doesn't have those yucky chemicals next to his precious skin!

It does make me so happy to know that I am eliminating a large amount of our waste that our family was contributing to landfills. We are now much more environmentally friendly! My only hope now is that when my son Carter grows up he will realize that he helped make a small difference in the word when he was really too little to know what he was doing.

While I thought the small change we were making was enough to make me happy I realized that I wanted others to join me. But I can't convince everyone that this is next best thing but I may convince one person (Sheena) who may change someone else’s mind. Small steps I guess are the most important thing!!! We will all find our own way to make a difference and hopefully better the world that our children will be living in for them.

The next amazing thing is no diaper runs!!! This must be the most amazing part ever! I don't have to stand in the Target diaper aisle debating on what is the best deal and what I can currently afford for diapers. The past 3 1/2 years that I have been buying diapers for my children has worn me out. I am so glad that we no longer have to do it! I am now able to buy diapers from the comfort of my home one diaper at a time. I can search sales and deals and only buy what I want.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today we went to the zoo. I have to say that we love the Christmas gift my mother-in-law gave us. Our zoo pass has definitely gotten its use and more and it is only March!
Well, as we were walking into the zoo I looked at my boys and realized that I am so lucky that Carter is a boy. Well of course but I mean that I was mildly disappointed when that ultrasound said that there was a boy inside of me. I was secretly maybe not so secretly hoping for my little girl.

But now I see these two wonderful boys interact with each other and how much they love each other and I am so happy I am that they have each other.
I remember when I was pregnant with Nathan and Meghan was telling me how much she hoped that Nathan was a girl because she wanted me to have two girls so that they could each have a sister because she truly loved having one herself. But now I look at these boys and wonder if it is the same for boys. Do they build a relationship that is equal to that of sisters?
I am not a boy but I know that when I look at Nathan hug his brother and beg him to play with him or when Carter sequels with absolute joy because he found his brother that they must!

I love you both more then words could explain!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Carter is Sick again!!!

Boy this has been quite a winter as I know you all know!

Well he is eating amazing well! He is sleeping and is oh so wonderful!  I love him so much!

Last night he was so cranky!  Yes he is sick and that is expected but this wasn't normal!

I choose to go ahead and take him in.  I took him to phoenix children's urgent care.  They were great.   A little longer then the goodnight place that I took Nathan to but good.

Well the doctor informed us that he has an ear infection in both ears.  She also said that he may not sleep but he did pretty well considering.

The poor guy!  More antibiotics and all that comes along with that.  I am so nervous about the yeast infection it seems that with everything there is another thing to worry about! YUCK!!!!

Anyway we will all hope that he gets well soon and Nathan does not get this yucky cold!

Oh yeah the paper we got from the urgent care said that a healthy child will get about 6 colds a year I  think carter has already had 2 and we are only in the beginning of March well I guess that means there are 4 more until December.

Lets see if this is true!

No one wants to see pictures of sicky so here are some other pictures of the cutie!

The New Saga

Well the issues I am sure will never end!

This past Thursday our babysitter quit!

So Stressful! But in every situation there can either be a bad solution or a good solution and luckily for us I believe that this has a very happy ending! I didn't want to look for someone new. God knows my boys have been shuffled around enough this year but when I spoke to Monica she could relate and understand to my feelings with Carter she has experienced it all with her daughter. She is responsible and professional. She only tells me how wonderful my children are. Lord knows that makes a mommy feel good!

Anyway, I like her and am happy!!!

I hope that this will continue and last for next year!

Here are some pictures just because!

Nathan is cute even if he is so grouchy!!