Wednesday, September 1, 2010

LIfe at Home is not easy.

It is not easy being home everyday!!!

I give it up to those women who can keep up with in home daycare over a period of many years.  Not sure that I am one of them. 

I continue to say that if I could send my kids to daycare I would be in heaven!

It isn't the other children so much as it is mine!

Before I go on I think I should state that while about 50% of the day Carter and Nathan both drive me crazy the other 50% of the time we get to dance, smile at each other, hug, kiss, color, sit and relax, and to some extent just be which is blissful and I enjoy every moment that I get. 

Somedays are enjoyed by laying around on the floor while four children climb all over me.  Others by sitting outside and painting with water on the concrete. But one thing is for sure the days I enjoy most are the ones that I put down those cleaning supplies and just play.  When I get frustrated or annoyed by one or more of the wild children in my house I have to remember that we need to start over and I have to join in.

Playing house where Kate is the dad and I am the mom and Nathan and Cameryn are our children is a favorite among them but I enjoy dance parties and being outside (hopefully it will cool off soon so we can all get outside everyday all day).  I am sure that those are my favorite things to do because they usually do not include a lot of screaming, fighting, or biting (Carter!!).

The most upseting days are when no matter what I do Carter just keeps biting, Nathan and Camryn fight non stop about silly things.  These days happen often without fail I will have a good day and think some of these obstacles are behind me but they always come back. 

But as I stated before I am here for my kids!  I want to enjoy them and what they do. 

Somedays we just need a reminder of why we do what we do right?
I think that was what this post was all about!!!1