Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Rain

Arizona Monsoons have officaly begun!!
Why is this so amazing? Well because up until now we have been stuck inside the house with it being way to hot to be outside for any length of time I try to aviod it at all.

But rain brings shade from the sun and what feels like a little cooler air although we did have 86% hummidity yesterday.

Here are my boys playing in the rain:
So I also love Arizona's Summer rains because my son can go out in his diaper and rain boots with no fear of being too cold.

Here they are watching the rain drip off the roof.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


We were lucky enough to be able to take our boys for their first trip to Disneyland.

Disneyland through a child’s eyes has to be an amazing sight. We know what to expect what it looks, smells, and sounds like but for a 3 year old they have no idea. I have to say I was a little disappointed by Nathan's reaction he must have been excited and not wanted to move because he loved what he was looking at and didn't realize it was going to get better past Main Street but he immediately threw a fit and didn't want to go anywhere. The bribing began "Nathan I am sure daddy will go into the candy store and buy you something special if you get into the stroller so we can go on a ride." Of course John went to get a lollipop which Nathan thought was cool and we moved ahead. The first ride spotted by Nathan was the rocket ships in tomorrow land we went and stood on line for 30 min and neither child enjoyed it. Too high and too scary for them.

Then we were off to a much better ride. The Buzzlightyear ride!
We all really enjoyed it and it is Nathan's favoraite ride at Disneyland.

Meghan was our fast pass girl. If there was a ride we wanted to go on and it had a fast pass Meghan would run over to it get the pass and come back.  She did this with Roger Rabbit because we thought it would be fun for the kids. Nathan enjoyed it but it broke luckly we went through the whole ride and it broke right at the end so we felt like we got the experience and we could leave.

Next was the picture of the day or at least the one that took over an hour to get. 
We didn't realize that by walking into Mickey's house you were getting on line to meet Mickey.  We didn't care enough about meeting Mickey to wait on a line! Nathan was even disapointed because he thought that there were two Mickey Mouses the one standing on Main Street with a line and this guy who was dressed wierd.  Anyway what an excellent picture!

Carter waiting on line for It's a Small World.  Grammy gave him a lollipop also.
We rode many more rides and ate lots of food. Carter's favoraite ride was the Winnie the Pooh ride because he loves his Winnie the Pooh book. Thanks Kristen for the suggestion I had never seen that ride before.
We wanted to see the Fantasimc but it was way too crowded so we ended up at the firewrk show which was amazing. It was hard to keep Nathan up but I did.  As soon as he got back in the stroller he was done.
Here are my 2 sleeping beauties at 10:00pm.
We left the park after this. 

We had a blast although it was very exhusting especially for mommy and daddy. I think I could have slept the entire next day.

Thanks Grammy!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family Reunion

Thank you Mom, Dad, Aunt Claudia, Uncle Robert, Aunt Suize, and Uncle Bill and all the cousins who joined in our first Evans' Family Reunion!

We had a blast!!

Maybe even a little crazy???

The weather was awful but that didn't stop us from hanging out on the beach!

We had a sandcastle building contest on the 4th here are some pics.

My teams castle                    John's teams whale
Awesome I think!!!

Morning walks on the boardwalk with the cousins Nikhil and Adie.

(Yes my son is holding a barbie)
Aren't they just the cutiest!

We found John's bench on our walk.

We tried swiming on the deck but it was still very cold.  The activity did not last long.
A little bar hopping!

Bobby, Meghan and Tori hanging out of a window on the second story of a bar that we decided not to go to becasue of the long line and expensive cover charge. We misssed the fun but it does look like they are having fun!

Will, me, and Meghan out playing some Wii bowling.

Stuffing our faces with Mexican food after drinking way to much!!

Since the cold didn't bother daddy at all he made many walks to and on the beach with his boys.  It was hard for me to join because even in a sweater and pants I was freezing but they look like they had fun.
How cute is he???

Bella did some amazing buggie boarding and surfing at the Wavehouse.  It was way too cold in the ocean.

John insisted on one last trip to the beach.  Nathan fully enjoyed it and seems to be taking after his dad. No sweater?

Meghan was freezing with me!

That is the sum up in pictures of our family vacation.  We had a great time no matter what the weather was like.  It was helpful to have a hot tub. 

So family when is the next one???

Love Ya all!
(there will be another post with Nathan and Carter's first Disneyland trip!)