Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family Reunion

Thank you Mom, Dad, Aunt Claudia, Uncle Robert, Aunt Suize, and Uncle Bill and all the cousins who joined in our first Evans' Family Reunion!

We had a blast!!

Maybe even a little crazy???

The weather was awful but that didn't stop us from hanging out on the beach!

We had a sandcastle building contest on the 4th here are some pics.

My teams castle                    John's teams whale
Awesome I think!!!

Morning walks on the boardwalk with the cousins Nikhil and Adie.

(Yes my son is holding a barbie)
Aren't they just the cutiest!

We found John's bench on our walk.

We tried swiming on the deck but it was still very cold.  The activity did not last long.
A little bar hopping!

Bobby, Meghan and Tori hanging out of a window on the second story of a bar that we decided not to go to becasue of the long line and expensive cover charge. We misssed the fun but it does look like they are having fun!

Will, me, and Meghan out playing some Wii bowling.

Stuffing our faces with Mexican food after drinking way to much!!

Since the cold didn't bother daddy at all he made many walks to and on the beach with his boys.  It was hard for me to join because even in a sweater and pants I was freezing but they look like they had fun.
How cute is he???

Bella did some amazing buggie boarding and surfing at the Wavehouse.  It was way too cold in the ocean.

John insisted on one last trip to the beach.  Nathan fully enjoyed it and seems to be taking after his dad. No sweater?

Meghan was freezing with me!

That is the sum up in pictures of our family vacation.  We had a great time no matter what the weather was like.  It was helpful to have a hot tub. 

So family when is the next one???

Love Ya all!
(there will be another post with Nathan and Carter's first Disneyland trip!)

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  1. I'm with you, Andrea. There's no way that I would have gone to the beach in that weather. It looks like you had a lot of fun, though!