Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Mornings

Every Saturday Morning it is my day to get up with our boys.

While I lie in bed at 5:30am this morning with Carter thrashing around in bed knowing he will be awake any minute, I think boy I wish John would roll over and offer to get up for me. Then Carter starts to cry I know that it is my day and I better get myself out of bed.

We come down stairs for a few minutes of cuddling and then Carter begins to play and I put on a show that I have on the DVR. I lay on the couch watching my little guy crawl around and come back for more hugs. I decide to turn the TV off and play with that baby of mine and I realize that as much as I love sleeping in a little I also love spending a little quite time with both or one of my boys.

Here are a few pictures of my cute crawling and playing this morning.

And before I know it here come Nathan to share in the fun!
I huess he needs to wake up a bit!

I love my boys!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The guilt of being a mother!

Carter and his lack of eating

Since at least Christmas break I have noticed that Carter won't sleep especially during the day. At night he sleeps but thrashes around a lot and cries. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I thought he was just so busy playing during the day that I couldn't get him to sleep.

Then there is his eating. I always knew he wasn't a great eater but since his one year well visit I have been paying close attention to him and putting the dog outside when he eats. We noticed that sometimes he would only eat a banana all day. How could this be healthy? How could he feel full? Could this be why he doesn't sleep during the day?

The next question is why is that all that he eats? So we watched and watched. I talked to someone who used to be a feeding specialist and she thought that he maybe having a difficult time with his tongue. Interesting, so I watched and watched and realized that he would put food in his mouth, it would fall out, and then he threw it on the floor. Now we have noticed that he sticks the food back on his back gums avoiding his tongue all together and that sometimes that helps the food stay in his mouth. But there was still the question of why he wasn't drinking anything and his sleep. So we went back to the doctor.

She referred us to a speech therapist to see what they think about his tongue. Then she gave us a laxative. This may have been the miracle drug!!! My baby has more interest in food although he still has a tough time eating it. He sleeps!! He doesn’t just sleep, he sleeps through the night and he takes naps!!

Now the guilt begins! My baby had a stomach ache continually day after day all day long and I never did anything to help him. He was in so much pain. Poor baby!! I know that it happens and I am not the only one who has experienced this guilt but it is awful, I feel terrible! How could he be in pain and I not know. I just have to keep thinking about the joy that I can feel now that he is no longer in pain.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

When will summer be here?

Boy oh boy we have had a terrible winter!!!
If Carter isn't sick then Nathan is.
I beileve that this begun in the begining of November.
Nathan got the dreaded Swine Flu! I was told that for 5 to 7 day he wasn't alowed to be around any other children.

Then there were Carter's Stomache bugs.  The one over Thanksgiving and then again on Christmas eve.  Not to mention all the people we infected both times! And in between these two things he also got the Roto Virus which turned into a sinus infection.  Then he was put on antibiotics which caused a terrible yeast infection which lasted about three whole weeks.

Two weeks ago Carter got a fever again! Another virus!

Now when we finally have a healthy Carter, Nathan is sick.  In the middle of the night last night we went to Goodnight Pediatrics (an urgent care office made for children). Nathan had his first x-ray taken or as he understood it a picture taken of his insides.  He was diagnosed with pneumonia.  I feel exasted!  Not sure if it is the lack of sleep at this point or all this sickness!

I am now wishing and hoping that summer and the end of cold and flu season will be here soon!

Here is my sickie at 4:30am after going to urgent care and walgreens and very excited about his gatorade!  Mommy wouldn't normally alway this, I must be so lucky! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Carter's First Birthday Party

The first birthday party!

The birthday boy's cake. Cupcakes and cake were both created and designed especially for the birthday boy by his Auntie Meg!
They were delicious and everyone loved them!
With the help of Auntie Meg we created our own Monkey Banner. It was adorable although you definitely don't get the entire effect from the pictures.

Here is the birthday boy in all his glory!
He loved his cake!

Is Carter opening his presents or is he the present?
Playing with Jackson.

Carter's 12 Month pictures

My baby is one! I can't beileve that this is true! Thank you Pam for capturing the beauty of my baby! He has an engergy about him that I think can only be explained in his eyes. He is amazing!

Andrea is getting online!

Ok I finally commited to something online! I have been told that this will be my gateway nto facebook but we will see. I love reading blogs and want to share my family with the word also.

Here it goes!