Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Mornings

Every Saturday Morning it is my day to get up with our boys.

While I lie in bed at 5:30am this morning with Carter thrashing around in bed knowing he will be awake any minute, I think boy I wish John would roll over and offer to get up for me. Then Carter starts to cry I know that it is my day and I better get myself out of bed.

We come down stairs for a few minutes of cuddling and then Carter begins to play and I put on a show that I have on the DVR. I lay on the couch watching my little guy crawl around and come back for more hugs. I decide to turn the TV off and play with that baby of mine and I realize that as much as I love sleeping in a little I also love spending a little quite time with both or one of my boys.

Here are a few pictures of my cute crawling and playing this morning.

And before I know it here come Nathan to share in the fun!
I huess he needs to wake up a bit!

I love my boys!!

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