Monday, June 28, 2010

The Daycare

Sorry everyone it has taken so long to update you on my situation!

I am now watching 3 children plus my two boys.  We are busy!!!!

It has taken a little while for me to relax and be ok with this. Ayt first I was constantly cleaning and planing activites!  I haven't gotten into preschool activities but I will.  The kids are having fun playing and being with other children their age.

It is a lot of work!  I always wondered how my kids babysitters did this and I guess now I know but I know it is tough.

The question is if it was the right decision and everyday when I look into my children's eyes and see them smile and know that I get to be here with them I know that it was the right decision.  I am lucky that I get to be here with them for a year or longer to se them grow, play, and learn.  When I get frustrated and the arguing and crying begins to get to me I have to stop and remember why we are here and what I will get from this experience.

Here are some pictures of us hanging out during the day.

Painting outside with water

Homemade Fingerpaints

A little dress up
(I am not sure what he is but I will have to take a picture of him when he is wearing his rainboots with the outfit!)

Anyway as you can see we are busy everyday!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We are back!  We had a great time laying by the pool and relaxing.  Of course I was up almost everyday by 4:30 to get a Palapa but it is the key to my relaxing! A bed shaded by the pool how could you get any better.  My children were able to nap by the pool and we were able to continue to relex! 

Nathan became a fish. Well he isn't swiming like a fish but he wanted to be in the pool by 7am and didn't want to get out until 6pm.  I had to drag him out to get him to nap and to have a break from the sun.  Eventhough we reapplied sunblock many times during the day he is the tanest child ever!  He never got burned just increadably tan! Nathan hated the beach and the sand!  I am nervous for our trip in July  when there is no pool only the ocean and the beach.  We may have to stay inside with him!

Carter enjoyed the water but was happy to get out.  He really loved the beach and the sand.  If he got fussy John would take down to the ocean and he was the happiest baby ever! My children are so different! I know Carter will enjoy the beach in July!

Here are some pictures of our awesome relaxing trip!
Carter making a mess when we first got there.  Tissues everywhere!

Nathan got his face painted like a tiger.  Isn't he scary!