Monday, June 28, 2010

The Daycare

Sorry everyone it has taken so long to update you on my situation!

I am now watching 3 children plus my two boys.  We are busy!!!!

It has taken a little while for me to relax and be ok with this. Ayt first I was constantly cleaning and planing activites!  I haven't gotten into preschool activities but I will.  The kids are having fun playing and being with other children their age.

It is a lot of work!  I always wondered how my kids babysitters did this and I guess now I know but I know it is tough.

The question is if it was the right decision and everyday when I look into my children's eyes and see them smile and know that I get to be here with them I know that it was the right decision.  I am lucky that I get to be here with them for a year or longer to se them grow, play, and learn.  When I get frustrated and the arguing and crying begins to get to me I have to stop and remember why we are here and what I will get from this experience.

Here are some pictures of us hanging out during the day.

Painting outside with water

Homemade Fingerpaints

A little dress up
(I am not sure what he is but I will have to take a picture of him when he is wearing his rainboots with the outfit!)

Anyway as you can see we are busy everyday!


  1. Looks like everyone is having a great time.

  2. care has started already! Looks like you will be worn out in a different way....5 kids all day compared to 30 five year olds from 8am - 4pm. Hmm, I think I'd choose the five kids, especially when two of them would be my own. Have fun!