Friday, March 19, 2010

A Day at Home

Today we spent the day at home. I wanted to catch up on some cleaning and sometimes the best days are spent right here at home.
I discovered several things about my boys. I knew that Carter loves I mean loves to be outside it doesn't matter what is out there he loves it. This morning I thought that it would be a great idea to have them play with the sand and water table but I can say that it is great if Carter plays or if Nathan plays but the two together is no good! Carter loves to mix it all up the water goes into the sand and the sand into the water. All the toys are a mess and dirty. Fun for Carter. I discovered that as far as Carter is concerned it has to be messy to be fun.
Nathan on the other hand hates to mix the sand and water. He hates to have the toys messy. It was very frustrating for him he had sand in his shoes and sand on his hands, his shirt is wet, and all the toys. What to do. I tried to clean them off and let him keep some for him that didn't get dirty but Carter would not allow it!
Eventually I brought Nathan inside to paint on his own. No little brother to bother him or make a mess out of his things. It was a much better situation for all. Carter played outside for another half an hour until I caught him crawling under the table onto the rocks. He is so silly!

Nathan painting his beautiful dragon! Much happier inside.

The finished product!

In conclusion lessons learned about my children Carter loves being messy and dirty. Nathan doesn't want to have anything to do with being messy or dirty. He would like to stay clean and dry and no sand is allowed to touch him at all!!! (The beach should be fun this year!)
Now onto my husband (This part is for Pam)

He would be so embarrassed to know that I posted this so no one is allowed to tell!!
Nathan had to go potty this afternoon. I brought him into the downstairs bathroom and went to get Carter. Nathan began screaming mommy there is a bee in here. I went in and told him no it is just a fly go potty. Then I saw it and it was a bee. I tried to convince both Nathan and my self that it was ok and it wouldn't hurt us. Juts go potty already. I realized that there was no way that Nathan would go potty with that bee in there it was like he had stage fright. (Side note Carter loved the whole thing!) We shut the door and ran upstairs. Nathan went potty I changed Carter's poppy diaper and John arrived home. I told him what was trapped in the bathroom and that he needed to save us. The following pictures should explain the rest.

Here is my fearless husband going into the bathroom with a jacket to protect himself.

He got the bee out of the bathroom and into the kitchen.
What to do next? It is a good thing he has that jacket!

Now he has a shoe and a jacket! If only the bee would stop moving! 

He finally caught the bee between the window and the screen then put soap on the window and sprayed it with the hose. He saved us for the big scary bee. (While I joke I have to admit I didn't know where to start or what to do! I would have just sprayed lots of chemicals in the bathroom and hoped that it dropped dead eventually.)

I love you John!!!

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