Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today we went to the zoo. I have to say that we love the Christmas gift my mother-in-law gave us. Our zoo pass has definitely gotten its use and more and it is only March!
Well, as we were walking into the zoo I looked at my boys and realized that I am so lucky that Carter is a boy. Well of course but I mean that I was mildly disappointed when that ultrasound said that there was a boy inside of me. I was secretly maybe not so secretly hoping for my little girl.

But now I see these two wonderful boys interact with each other and how much they love each other and I am so happy I am that they have each other.
I remember when I was pregnant with Nathan and Meghan was telling me how much she hoped that Nathan was a girl because she wanted me to have two girls so that they could each have a sister because she truly loved having one herself. But now I look at these boys and wonder if it is the same for boys. Do they build a relationship that is equal to that of sisters?
I am not a boy but I know that when I look at Nathan hug his brother and beg him to play with him or when Carter sequels with absolute joy because he found his brother that they must!

I love you both more then words could explain!

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