Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update on Carter

So we have had some doctor appointments this week to see how everything is going with my sweet Carter.
We saw a GI Doctor who we were referred to by the feeding specialist to check to make sure that there was no medical reason for the constipation. The GI doctor didn't seem to think there was anything wrong and said that it was perfectly fine to leave Carter on Miralax for years. Which made me incredibly nervous but from what the pediatrician, the GI, and what I found on line all confirmed that it is fine. So I suppose that my baby may be getting miralax for a very long time.
(Gross Part Ahead)
The GI did a rectal exam and said that there was still hard poop and that we needed to clear all of that out. So we have given him quadruple the amount of miralax then what we were giving him before and we have now had about 8 poopy diapers in the last 30 hours. Some diapers were quite messy while others were not so much. The worst part is that I know it will continue throughout today.

Then going forward we need to double what we were giving him they want him to poop everyday if not twice a day. (I think once a day would be more then enough for me thank you!)
The GI also sent us to have some blood tests to check to be sure that everything else is ok. She didn't think that anything would turn up but I guess that this is just what they do. It is the reason I went also. As Anne stated I just have to be sure that Carter is the healthiest that he can be. What ever that is I have to be sure that he reaches that point!
The best news was that my Carter now weights 19lbs and 12ounces. He has moved up in percentiles he is now in the 5th. The doctor said that he hadn't really gained any weight since he was 6 months old. She was very happy to see that change and so were we!

I hope that this change will continue and that he will be the healthiest that he can be!

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