Thursday, April 1, 2010


I beileve that I may have found a new hobby!

 I have wanted to pick up sewing for a while but struggled everytime I tried with my ancient sewing machine so I have since borrowed my father - in- law's machine and I have fallen in love!!!

Oh the things I have made!!!

The things I have yet to make!!!!

For some reason I need something to keep my hands and mind busy with.  So now it is on to sewing.

I made the book pockets for Nathan and have just finished Jackson's set.  Now the material for Jacksons' was more difficult to work with.  It was think and hard to get it to lay falt.  the stiching is a little bit slanted but otherwise they look good.  I can't wait to see them in Jackson's room.

Last night I also finished a batman cape for my litle superhero.  Luckly enough my wonderful husband suggested looking for directions on line before cutting anything and boy was he right!  I found this amazing cape with instructions.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Here is the link:

Anyway you should see the one this woman made it has inspired me to make another one I just have to get some cute fabric.  Mine was so plain.

The Easter Bunny will be delivering this amazing cape to my little superhero on Sunday so I will take pictures then and hopefully he will be equally excited about it as I am.

I also have to mention how greatfull I am of my dear Nana who taught me to sew when I was so young.  It is a skill that I have learned I will always have.  She taught me all the basics: how to follow a pattern, how to thread a machine and needle, tips for cutting material and so on.  I think I need some more advanced lessons so that I can create more.  Marie I will be looking at you for some of those lessons once you move here.

Thank you again Nana!!! Love you always! Your memory will always be with us!

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