Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter and the Batman Cape

Sorry it took so long but here it is the very anticipated Batman Cape!

Well I think Nathan loved the cape.  He feels that he needs a mask that has those pointy ears like batman has!!!
He is silly it will never be complete in his mind.  He does wear it and run around the house.  He wanted to bring it to mis Monica's house but I was worried that may create an argument so he told me that I needed to make one for everyone.  If he only knew how much work it actually was!

We spent the weekend at my parents house.  I never realized that my mom would enjoy seeing my children on Easter morning so much!
She loved watching them go through their Easter baskets.  She enjoyed hiding eggs with Meghan.  Then walking around holding Carter's hand to help him get the eggs.  As my dad put it she was thrilled!  I think that this maybe our new tradition.  Tucson for Friday through Sunday morning and then head over to the Nestvold house for an easter egg hunt there.  It was perfect we got to see everyone.  

Here are some pictures of my cuties:

Hope everyone had a wonderful hoilday with their family.

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