Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Video Games

Anyone who knows John knows that John plays video games. This is an obsession that I don't understand. I can play the Wii every once in a while but not often and defiantly not everyday. My husband claims that it relaxes him to play Madden but all he does is yell and scream at the TV. I am left scratching my head.

I don't think Nathan will be quite obsessed with video games but I am sure it would be hard to keep him room playing in our house. Now Carter on the other hand I think will be just as bad if not worse then his daddy. If John is playing Carter has to have a controller in his hand. He stands in front of the TV pushing buttons as if he is actually doing something. Just look at the pictures below.

Nathan interested but not activitly involved

so much fun

Both of my cuties thinking they are playing the Wii
(Notice Carter's much effort)

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  1. That Carter is sure growing up. We'll just keep Nathan busy in other ways.