Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer has begun!

I have completed another year of teaching....

Sometimes I have to sit back and think about what was acomplished and changed over the last10 months. My children have grown; Carter is so much bigger, Nathan is so smart. I often ask Nathan where did you learn that? He always answers I don't know mommy. I hope that I taught it to him but I am well aware that there are so many others in his life who could have taught it to him. His preschool experience has been great and one of my biggest worries in staying home is that he will not have another year of preschool.

I know I can do it but I worry that it is never the same when mommy does something. I tell parents all the time that their children work differently for them then they do for a teacher or another adult. I know my son does!

Then there is school. What has changed in my students? Who came in not being able to talk to me in English and now can carry conversations with any adult. The students who didn't know how to write their names but now can write simple three letter words perfectly. It amazes me that I have done this. This year more then maybe any other year; I had so many parents who appreciated me and showed me this through generous words and cards. There were wonderful gifts from those who didn't know how to express their gratitude in words. But one grandmother in particular had amazing and thoughtful words for me. I want to share them with you:

You are an awesome teacher, skillful and talented. Thank you for making Zaia's first real educational experience a memorable one. They need you. You'll be missed. Go do your thing. Family is important, and return one day with your fabulosity!

I just find that being reminded by a parent how important my job is and how much they appreciate me makes the whole thing worth it.

As I walked out of my school yesterday, I felt very mixed feeling! I am happy to move onto a new experience and do my "thing" with my children and be able to be home for awhile. On the other hand I am sad to not be able to touch all those lives everyday. I am scared to not have a steady expected income every week. Yet excited to see what I can do on my own for my family.

Who said being a mother was easy? Maybe no one but it always seemed so much easier when I watched other mothers.


  1. Tears were brought to my eyes as I read your entry. I am proud of all you do. I am so glad that others have appreciated your talents and were able to express them to you. I have all faith in you that life will run smoothly and new adventures will be bestowed upon you in the year to come. And....if you ever need me, I'm here. just call.

  2. Hey, I miss you already and we've only been out of school for one weekend. I'm scared about who the next Kinder teacher will be. You have been a fabulous teacher. No I haven't been in your class to see you teach, but I can tell by how you organize and discipline your class. It's been so fun working with you. Let's do a teacher lunch sometime this summer! Love, Candice